Building Depth is a duplicable simple system to build firewalls and generational income in your network marketing business.

In May of 2016,  several elites got together to help teach several hungry distributors to learn how to create a system in the Lifevantage business.  This system took off and now has a event in St. George, Utah every 3 months.

There are has been thousands of rank advancements with several elite ranks that have been broken.

Building Depth is an event that is open to EVERYONE!  Join us!

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  1. Building depth is amazing!! It is a system that has no prejudice on status, background, or education it simply works. We are all on a level playing field and have been given the tools to produce the same amazing duplicatable results. Thank you to all the leaders that have put their time sweat tears and finances into building the system.

  2. I am Heidi White Distributor 1224976 in kona Hawaii. I am going to do this Building Depth. I have a distributor in Queensland Australia, pro 1 Patricia Doyle who wants to also. Sam and Vandee Flake are my upline.
    I have to figure out how to get my books. Should I get 10 books so I have some for others? Thank you.

    1. We are excited for you!

      Yes for sure! Hello them get started! Reinvest the money you made and help launch your team! 😎

  3. I’m Very Interested in Joining!
    Unfortunately I know at this point in my life it’s not in my budget to attend All meetings/Events!
    Will I still be able to gain points etc for doing the Behaviors that I’m Able to Do?
    Thank you in advance for your guidance!

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