VIP Rewards

What is the Building Depth #VIP EXPERIENCE? 

It’s where our collective of dedicated Executives reward you for following the system by doing the proper behaviors. Not a promotion, a behavioral rewards program that helps you to make your dreams come into reality! 

What do I get as a winner of the #VIP EXPERIENCE?

By earning points from doing the proper behaviors you will…

  • Receive CASH    on stage at the Building Depth 5 x 5 event
  • Enjoy VIP adventures- luxury accommodations, fine dining, special outings tailored to the winners and immersed time with your BD Executive Mentors…Value PRICELESS!!!! 

What are the rules?

    – sign up for #VIP Experience

    – your signup will include 3 tickets for the upcoming Building Depth 5×5 event, tear off pads, and a registration fee.

  • Use the Rewards Tracking Sheet to track your presentations with Names and dates, attendance to LifeVantage Academy, personally enrolled Business Packs, and new personally enrolled Business Pack enrollees that attend the NEXT event
  • Attend BD #VIPEXPERIENCE rewards calls for support 

Following the leads to success! And the BD #VIP Experience is one event not to be missed!

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